Stop by the Reference Department to check out our book display and to pick up a copy of the “Snapshot of 1913-1922” handout – a handy compendium of trivia on what the world was like during the Library’s first decade.

Did you know that “Danny Boy” was the greatest hit of 1913? (There are people who still swear it’s the greatest song ever.) That isn’t the only item from that period that’s still around today, for better or for worse – the decade also saw the emergence of Tinker Toys, Raggedy Ann dolls, and income tax.

Granted, some things are no longer the same – in 1913, millinery schools regularly advertised careers in hat-making, and at least one savvy entrepreneur created an Electronic Horse Trainer that “absolutely does away with the use of a whip.”

We’ll have a new “Snapshot” every month for a new decade from the Library’s past. Each will include lists of popular books and music, significant events, reproductions of advertisements, and more.

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